Tracy Dryden-Jones New Ceramics

Art and fashion is so fundamental to our ethos of being a styling opticians. We appreciate fine art as one of our favorite clients knows. Tracy Dryden-Jones displays her hand crafted ceramic pots within our Twickenham branch, she recently had a fair which went very well, and today she has dropped in this set for our store. Based on the beaches of Cornwall designed using crayon to give off a mottle texture. With the beach theme we had to display it with a Moscot clip on, along with a blue L.A. Eyeworks and a red and grey Face A Face. If you are interested in Tracy’s work, you can check out her instagram page here or collect one of her business cards from our Twickenham branch…Thanks Tracy 😎

PS. If you are an art entusiast and wish to display your material in our practice, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us!

The Optical Gallery