Theo Eyewear now in The Optical Gallery

In my last post i was very excited to show off an exclusive independent family run eyewear company called Tavat, in which we brought over from Italy. Since then the father and daughter team came to visit us in store and we had a good catch up. I was shocked to hear that there are currently only 10 opticians in the UK that have their fingers on the pulse and are stocking Tavat…’UK opticians, wake up! You are depriving the UK public from individuality!’

Enough about Tavat, if you missed that post, then you can view it again here:

I have since been on a quest to bring our clients yet another exclusive independent brand to add to their visual wardrobes. This time i went to the wonderful country of Belgium, Antwerp to be precise! We all know Belgium can produce great beers and chocolates. Belgium is also home to the romantic canal based city Bruges, otherwise known as the ‘Venice of the north’. Antwerp itself is visually stunning with it’s Flemish Renaissance architecture, so it was no surprise that i would find such; well designed, colourful, individual and unique pieces of eyewear in this busy port city.

‘Theo Loves You’ is the slogan and Theo Eyewear is the name of the brand in which i found. Theo have been producing eyewear since 1989 and the name is actually an anagram of ‘Hoet’ being the father brand.

On the shelf these frames looked totally out there due to the unique shapes and bright fluorescent colour combinations. it is quite unorthodox especially for a UK market which is why i love them. Upon the face they make a very subtle statement.

Theo produce both plastic and metal frames but in my opinion their metal titanium frames are second to none! Who could believe that so much creativity could go into the conventional metal frame? With a market where everyone thinks plastic is the fashion, Theo come in like a breath of fresh air. Theo are always collaborating with unique designers, and credits go out too; Christoph Broich, Tim Van Steenbergen and James Van Vossel for their input.

Below are just a few of our clients who have chosen the Flemish frames, and don’t they look fabulous?

So if you are looking for something comfortable, unique and individual then you will be pleased to know that we made the bold decision to bring this collection over from Antwerp to our eyewear gallery in Twickenham, so book yourself a styling consultation and let one of our expert stylist have some fun with Theo!

Nicos M Antoniades FBDO (Practice Manager)