New Independent Italian Brand Tavat In Store

Last year my wife to be and i went to Venice as a surprise birthday present. We had an incredible holiday to say the least, full of; culture, good food, good wine, romantic gondola rides and shopping. Whenever we go away we ensure we check out the local opticians as i find eyewear outside of the UK much more exciting. Eyewear overseas is not just an optical appliance to correct your vision in the cheapest possible way, they take pride in the health of their eye’s and also like to make a unique personal statement wearing their glasses as an accessory. In fact you don’t see many people abroad wearing glasses for just a brand name printed on the arm, but more for the design and quality of the frame. I found myself asking many wearers, “What frames are you wearing?”.

After a lot of questions to the local Venetians, we was directed to a quiet little boutique called ‘Boudoir Galleria Ottica’. It was a beautiful little shop with a striking window showcase displaying some unusual eyewear. We popped in and was greeted by the owner and only worker there called Alessandro. We clicked automatically which is unusual. Opticians in the UK tend to keep themselves to themselves due to ‘competition’, but Alessandro was an eyewear enthusiast as myself, and when there is passion for design and art then there is no competition, only education!

I was in need of sunglasses on this holiday, and i wanted something unique, this is where i first got introduced to the Italian manufacturer Tavat. The brand was completely different to anything i have seen in the UK, almost a ‘steampunk’ style that focused on quality engineering on hinges and lens quality especially in the ‘Soupcan’ range in which the name explains the inspiration behind them. I struck myself a deal i could not resist on a pair and wore them with pride. They were mine, unique to me and no one else will be wearing them when i go home.

I had so many compliments on my return. I needed to bring these in store and share them with our clients!

January 2018, we attended a trade show called 100% Optical. It is the largest optical trade show in the UK and i was surprised to see so many of the independent brands i have been researching there, with hardly anyone showing them attention! Tavat was one of them so i got in quick to spend some quality time looking at the entire range. It was educational to find out that the brand is actually a family run company. The father Jeremy being the designer and fascinated about hinges, engineering and style and the Daughter Roberta also following in the footsteps. Being from a family run company myself, it definitely pulled some strings in my heart and i was set to take them on.

We are now proud to announce a partnership with Tavat, being one of a very few opticians in the UK to stock the brand and you can view the collection in our eyewear gallery in Twickenham.

PS. If you are ever in Venice, i urge you to visit my friend Alessandro at Boudoir Venice Ottica! You will not be disappointed.

Nicos Antoniades FBDO (Practice Manager)