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June 25, 2020

COVID-19 Update – Returning back


We are delighted to write you this update!

We’re returning back from July!

We will have three team members at your service in each practice at The Optical Gallery Styling Opticians including our optometrists.

Following the guidance from NHS England, the Association of Optometrists, and the government we will be able to safely offer you essential eyecare.

That means we will have our optometrists available each week from July, and these appointments are available for any clients who feel they need a change in prescription or require new glasses or prescription sunglasses.

At this point, the advice we’re following is that any routine eye exams (where you feel everything is fine and you’re unlikely to require an update to your glasses) should be arranged for July or later. But if you feel you need to update your glasses we can arrange an appointment for you from as early as next week in our Chessington branch.

We’re taking all the necessary precautions to keep you and the team safe during your visit to the practice including:

  • Extended 1 hour appointment slots – so that you receive a relaxed, concierge style experience in a quiet and crowd-free environment. There will only be a maximum of two clients in the practice at the same time.
  • Physical Distancing – The practice has plenty of space to allow us to maintain more than the recommended 2 metre’s distance. For any parts of the eye exam or eyewear styling consultation where the optometrist or dispensing optician needs to get closer, this time will be kept to a minimum and face masks will be worn. We are also using perspex screens in the eye exam for added protection and peace of mind.
  • Cleaning and Sanitisation – We are following the highest standards of sanitisation throughout the practice including all surfaces being wiped down and disinfected between every appointment. All frames that you try on have been sanitised before you try them on. And we’re all following proper hand hygiene with hand washing and multiple hand sanitisation stations throughout the practice.
  • Face Coverings – Eyewear is the ultimate accessory for your face, but for the time being we are asking all clients to supply and wear their own face masks for any parts of the eye exam or styling consultation where we need to be closer than 2 metres.
  • Individual Service – at The Optical Gallery Styling Opticians we pride ourselves on being able to tailor the experience to your requirements so if you have any concerns or needs just let us know when you are booking your appointment and we’ll be happy to find a solution for you!
    As always, you can expect the same high standard of personal service, professional expertise, and incredible independent eyewear from your visit to The Optical Gallery Styling Opticians.

We’re looking forward to seeing you back in the practice!

Just call or email to book your appointment for an eye exam or new glasses or sunglasses.

Twickenham:         – 0208 892 2800

Chessington:          – 0208 391 0900

1 Comment

  1. Nick Radin says:

    Dear Optical Gallery

    I bought a pair of rimless glasses from you some years ago, and have also had my eyes tested by you in the past.

    Unfortunately, some weeks ago I inadvertently snapped my glasses in two and have been wondering ever since what I khgt be able to do about this. The snap is in the bar going passing over the bridge of the nose, so maybe they could be repaired. However, given that they are old, I am also considering buying a new pair in any case.

    I am wondering whether you could email me images of your rimless glasses so that I can get some idea of your stock.

    In any case, maybe it would be best if I could arrange an appointment to visit you since I would like to see the frames you now have in person, and would also need an eye test prior to ordering since it is years since I’ve had one. I am now 69.

    Since I broke my pair, fortunately I found another pair dating back to the nineties, and these have been surprisingly good as a temporary replacement, and also indicate that my eyesight has not deteriorated too much in the interim.

    I would be grateful for your advice as to how it may now be best to proceed.

    My best wishes to you all,

    Nick Radin

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